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The after was a naked picture, curves and all, once she’d stopped torturing herself to have the so-called perfect body.

Droning on: Two boatloads of young people were embroiled in a dispute over a drone recently, with a group of young women accusing a group of young men of using one of the contraptions to spy on them as they sunbathed in the nude The men, they said, were watching the monitor and laughing at them.When the furious young women ordered them to withdraw the drone, the men simply laughed; they eventually withdrew it after noticing that one of the women was filming proceedings on her mobile phone.The women then followed the drone pilots back to port and alerted the police.Several years ago Taryn Brumfitt posted a before and after photo of her body on Facebook. Her before shot showed her in a bikini, toned and thin, at a body building competition. Brumfitt was turning the traditional post-weight-loss gimmick on its head.She hopes it will be shown in schools and be one tool to stop the epidemic of eating disorders among young girls who, in an age of Instagram and Snapchat, feel added pressure to look perfect.

Critics say she’s promoting obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle, but she says it is quite the opposite.

She now stars in one of America's most popular sitcom, "Modern Family," and is the currently the highest-paid TV actress with a net worth of over $100 million.

Vergara isn't the only celeb to pose nude for a cover shoot.

Her first television appearance was at the age of 17 for a Pepsi commercial that aired in Latin America.

She had spot jobs until landing her first major lead role in the 2011 for the "Three Stooges" movie.

In her view, women should stop thinking and worrying about their bits, and get on with following their true passion just as she is. Lynn wanted a mother to model for that particular photograph, to make it seem more real.