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Selected value not updating detailsview

selected value not updating detailsview-30

i want to update both fields using the detailsview. in the dropdownlist suppose there 5 items and in that one of the item should be matching to the "label" value .My problem: when clicking on the edit button, the modified text in the textbox is effectively updated in the table, but instead of updating the chosen value of the dropdownlist, the field in the table becomes empty (old value is updated by nothing). Close() ' i put here all possible items in the dropdownlist If Details View1. Edit Then sql = "select foto_na from fotos" comd = New Sql Command(sql, m Connection) dtreader = comd. if the user has clicked "edit" and when u display dropdownlist how will the user know what was the "selected" value.

LN=en-us&scid=gp;en-us;offerprophone&x=8&y=14), which is a better support option when you’re experiencing business impact for your problem and are unable to resolve it in a timely manner on forums or other support channels. tabid=63 (By Scott Mitchel)[Quote]In the editing interfaces from the previous tutorial all product fields that were not read-only had to be included.The items of the dropdownlist comes from table ("fotos"), but the selectedvalue comes from table("inhoud"). To know the previous value only we have to use "Selectedvalue" ' evaluates to Sql Data Source1 because ddl1 is in Details View1's Item Template and Details View1 has Data Source ID set to "Sql Data Source1".In editmode, i can see all the items of the dropdownlist and the selectedvalue is also right. dd1's Data Source ID="Sql Data Source2" is only used in populating Drop Down List items and has no impact on Selected Value binding.Thanks That would make the datasource not to pass in the original values and it wont make sense, when you are having Optimistic Concurrency enabled and having original parameters declared for the insert and update commands on the datasource and you dont want to pass the original values to compare.It is still in the database and it gets shown in the program if I specifically search for its key This is because, by default the Enable View State property is set to "True" on Grid View.I have my grid / form showing my table2 data, I have 1 of the dropdown fields being populated from table1, when I change the specified dropdown box and click update, the data in table2 stays the same.

property is commonly used to determine the value of the selected item in the list control.

Let's say, by example, what I have the follow data object: public class Person I created one page with Details View and Object Data Source.

Then By Example: Name = "Joe" Age = 30 Email = "[email protected]" Alternate Email = "[email protected]" In my Details View, I wish edit ONLY the Name and Email fields. We were unable to reproduce it with the instructions provided.

The property can also be used to select an item in the list control by setting it with the value of the item.

This property cannot be set by themes or style sheet themes.

If we were to remove a field from the Grid View - say Quantity Per Unit - when updating the data the data Web control would not set the Object Data Source's Quantity Per Unit Update Parameters value.