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Updating my etrex

updating my etrex-17

One of the most popular websites to use for Geocaching is You need to first register on this site as a Basic Member. To be able to send Geocaches directly from the website you need to install Garmin Communicator Plugin First connect your GPS device to your computer Download this software from the following link below: Go to the website and login with your registered details. On the homepage you can search for Geocaches in your location or elsewhere. A list of Geocaches in order of distance from the location that you have searched for will be displayed. You can click on each Geocache to display more information about it. Within the Geocache information page you will see a box Send to My GPS click on this to send the Geocache to your device. A send to GPS box will appear, if your device is not shown click on the find device box and also make sure that you have not got a pop up blocker, blocking the process. Once your device is displayed, click on the Write box and the Geocache will be sent to your device.

The GPS software controls how satellites are received and tracked while the unit software controls how the unit functions in terms of the user interface and tracking dogs.The newest units permits 10 character names and these can include spaces.The emap, 76 family, and etrex store waypoints in 3 dimensions by including altitude. The 76 family will also store depth data for water if an optional depth sensor is attached.They are often used to store intermediate turns and intersections that help define a route to a particular destination.Similar to the waystations used by pony express riders as stopover points waypoints mark significant places on your journey.We believe that our combination of price, knowledge and customer service is the best that you will find anywhere.

One of the things that has been changing on a pretty regular basis is the Astro Software.

It replaces the popular Legend and Vista HCx models and the e Trex series is now listed by number.

There is the e Trex 10, the e Trex 20 and the e Trex 30.

The new e Trex series includes all of the recent improvments to Garmin units, such as the Oregon, Dakota and 62/78 series.

(Paperless geocaching, multiple mapsets, Garmin's Birds Eye imagery, Garmin Custom Maps) A new feature in the e Trex is the ability to receive GLONASS satellite signals (the Russian version of GPS), which gives users more satellites to acquire data from.

In some documents and gps receivers these may also be called landmarks.