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Secrets of meeting and dating men

On the condition of anonymity she agreed to tell all. If you are even an average or above average female, finding a date isn't an issue.

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Developing a more attractive lifestyle is the best foundation you can give yourself to date more (and hotter) women. You've searched bars, parks, book shops and everywhere else that's ever spurned a meet-cute between Meg Ryan and a male co-star.You've cruised the aisles at the Apple Store and found nothing but dudes checking out the latest technology.Anyone can participate in Bingo, trivia night, spelling bees, board games or other dumb bar gimmicks; pay particular attention to the handsome chaps who know their Zachary Taylor from their William Jennings Bryant.3. You would think this would be an obvious choice, but most women seem to be totally caught up in trying to catch that ridiculous bouquet.Meanwhile, the men are all huddled together around the cocktail server while Journey plays on the dance floor.Most of the men went to Ivy League schools, are ambitious, and came out here because it's the mecca of the tech world. A lot of people in the Valley have started meeting people through salsa dancing — it's really big — and so much social awkwardness comes up. They act like, "Oh my goodness, there is a woman who I'm touching." They get super nervous.

There's a great mix of guys from all over world, and there are interesting types of people to meet. I don't think a lot of guys even interact with women on a consistent basis. It makes it difficult to date someone who doesn't even know how to act in a social context; it's just frustrating. He told me all these things that you wouldn't ever disclose on a first date.

Interrupt them and you'll find that at least one good-looker is attending the ceremonies because he, too, is a sucker for true love.

Besides, nobody wants a major train wreck ruining their weddingso these guys are already bride-approved.4. Meetings aren't just for alcoholics anymore (although if you're one of those, we hear AA does have a singles scene).

And I was surprised that the answer was a pretty dang good one. My eyes always on high alert like I was searching for an extinct bird.

The intensity of the moment gave me an enlightened sense of clarity. Health food stores became an excuse to find some basil, quinoa, and my soul-mate for life.

Most people in the tech industry are very laid-back and don't have a lot of time.