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Icp joker dating game

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What could anyone possibly say about Insane Clown Posse that’s any worse?

We are booking tons of dope acts of both new and familiar faces, but there’s one act that year after year, Gathering after Gathering, Juggalos keep asking for.Aesthetically, this is probably the cheapest and ugliest album art ICP has chosen thus far. Yes, it's probably one of their more evil looking clown face Joker cards, but it just doesn't look right.Look at their Joker card prior to this one: Anyways, despite the aesthetically unappealing cartoony album cover, the tracks seem to have a more lost feel to them than say, The Great Milenko.Unlike most subcultural festivals, your friends and possibly family know what it is, and they all have tales of what it must be like, without ever having witnessed it with their own eyes. The 35-year-old Flint native-turned-Brooklynite exhibited a photography show in Brooklyn in 2010 called A girl in makeshift clownface asks a white guy with dreads, “Do I look like I belong here more than I did yesterday?” After he answers in the affirmative, she mutters, “I’ve got psychos in my family.” There are levels to that statement; “family” is one of the key words of this weekend, chanted almost as often as the trademark “Whoop whoop!I feel like Taylor Swift fumbling to craft the most perfectly affable @ to Nicki Minaj.

But the guy who earns my first one is Sam, a 44-year-old security guard from Newark, Ohio, who tells us about how a huge line of people showed up Tuesday, the day before any official admission, and the Gathering personnel just let them in to start unpacking their campsite. All weekend, people wear cardboard signs that read things like “LSD $10,” or “SHROOMS (THE LEGIT STUFF) $25,” out in the open.

The creative team of Young Wicked, Jumpsteady, and director Ryan Archibold are a true trio of samurai and they’ve made one of the most INTENSE videos ever released by Psychopathic Records!

This is not only a dark and sinister music video of pure wicked shit but it’s also just an amazing piece of filmmaking in its own right!

In other breaking news, next Friday, April 8 at and our Psychopathic Records You Tube channel, witness the world premiere of the first full length music video from Psychopathic’s studio master ninja, YOUNG WICKED! We’re all working around the clock to put together the most flavorful Gathering ever!

Check out the dope flyer below and share it with all your friends. As far as time goes, we’ll keep you updated via and social media. Now let’s move on to talking about possibly the most anticipated event in Juggalo history…Gathering 17!

In the song Bloody Bitch (a bonus track off Wizard of the Hood), J raps: "Violent J's not around, but Moon Glorious is there, scared to fucking death of what's happening here" J often talks and raps about his other personalities, he boasts that in his music he gets to be other people and can do anything, and often-times his alters make appearances on their albums.