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"We're talking full https requests, client IP addresses, full responses, cookies, passwords, keys, data, everything." After spotting Ormandy's Twitter message, Cloudflare engineers disabled three features that used the broken code that caused the issue, and moved to work with search engines who had cached the information to clear it.The leak (unofficially titled "Cloudbleed" in reference to 2014's Heartbleed exploit) was the result of a "buffer overrun," Cloudflare said, a problem caused by a mistake in its code.

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Cloudflare says the biggest outpouring of information started on February 13th when a shift in code meant one in every 3,300,300 HTTP requests potentially resulted in memory leakage — a significant figure for a network the size of Cloudflare.ID – a reverse-image lookup for identifying porn actors – that trained its neural network on upwards of 650,000 images of more than 7,000 female adult performers.Did those performers consent to being identified and listed on the Pornstar. Did they agree to having their biometrics scanned so as to train a neural network?It’s a game of numbers, bulk dating, spray and pray, and it all just seems so shallow.So what does a nerd trying to simultaneously learn Python and dating do?The company — which provides SSL encryption to millions of sites across the internet — announced the leak in a detailed post on its blog last night.

The company said that it had not yet identified any malicious uses of the information, but noted that there was an additional problem because some of the data had been cached by search engines.

(That last one evolved from homemade hack into an actual, full-fledged app for the devotedly indiscriminate.) Then too, there was the guy-on-guy prank: the one where a programmer rigged the app with bait profiles, identified men who “liked” the phony female photos, and set them up to fling lust-filled come-ons at each other.

At any rate, Colianni’s Tinder face grab isn’t the first time we’ve seen developers make off with large facial image datasets without bothering to ask whether the people behind those images actually Earlier mass face grabs include one from February, when we learned about a facial recognition startup called Pornstar.

Currently it is possible to handle payments via a direct debit without interaction with the debtor, or via i DEAL where a link is send to the debtor's e-mail or phonenumber.

To the docs CM's Bulk SMS Gateway enables you to send text messages to mobile phones all around the world in very high volume.

Following a privacy kerfluffle, Tinder told a developer to remove a dataset of 40,000 of its users’ images that he had published in six downloadable zip files and released under a CC0: Public Domain License. The developer, Stuart Colianni, who not-so-charmingly referred to the Tinder users as “hoes” in his source code, was using the images to train artificial intelligence.