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You can stop readers cold, however, if you write headlines that are unique, ultra-specific, useful or urgent.

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Some men may …[ read more ] The holidays are wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean cuddle season is ending too. Right, or have you come to the conclusion that your guy is a total deadbeat? The new year is the perfect time to ditch that dud for an upgrade in 2015.Like everything else in life, our personalities, past experiences, habits and perspectives play a large part in how we love.Our evolution as a society is also causing a melding of our cultures, and the […] Throughout history, a very different picture has been painted when it comes to the Single Woman vs. Single men are seen as “bachelors” – independent, having fun, and enjoying life to its fullest before getting “chained down” by a woman.Each day, Snapchatters submit tens of thousands of Geofilter designs for their engagements and weddings, parties, vacations, graduations, and so much more.Starting today, we’re making it easier to design a custom Snapchat filter!…[ read more ] Champagne has been the drink of choice amongst the rich and powerful for centuries.

It is imagined to be fabulous in every way, why shouldn’t it live up to its reputation?

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From there, you can pick a theme for your filter and add personal flair with text, Bitmojis, and Stickers.

Once your masterpiece is complete, choose where you’d like your filter to appear and when.

After several months dating, you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship.