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Beau brady dating

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We know it feels right and we can see each other being really happy for the rest of our lives," Cartwright said.

"What feels right to you, you don't second guess yourself.Unlucky Vinnie was ripped away from Leah and baby VJ after being wrongfully convicted for fraud, and languished in prison before a faked death and a spell in witness protection. Scott Irwin/ Heath Ledger Scott enjoyed a brief fling with Sally Fletcher before being expelled for stealing an exam paper.He reappeared as a bear (yes, really), before dying for real. Heath was arguably one of the best actors to come out of the soap and enjoyed Hollywood success before his tragic death.He said: "I'm only speculating, but in the end I'm still not really sure why Bec broke it off - maybe it was because I didn't own a Ferrari! * Daughter Chelsea moved to England for school and to be with Max. * Carly dumped Bo and now he and Hope will get back together.Bad boy Brax set many hearts a-flutter, despite his ill-advised River Boy tattoos and womanising ways. Noah Lawson/ Beau Brady We all swooned over Noah and his trademark spiky frosted tips back in the day. Noah's real name, Beau Brady, was equally romantic – beautiful name for a beautiful man! Vinnie Patterson/ Ryan Kwanten Who can forget Vinnie Patterson? Nick Smith/ Chris Egan Nick looked very sweet and innocent with his blonde hair and blue eyes, but he was far from it! Robbie Hunter/ Jason Smith Robbie didn't enjoy the same heart-throb status as some of the other hunks, but there was something very adorable about him. His devotion to girlfriend Tasha was certainly admirable, even helping her escape a crazy cult. Kim Hyde/ Chris Hemsworth Kim was frequently seen with his shirt off during his time in Summer Bay.

Handsome Vinnie attracted many ladies but eventually ended up with his true love, Leah. Nick romanced Jade Sutherland until Hollywood fame came calling for him, and he quickly dropped poor Jade for the bright lights of LA. It didn't do actor Chris Hemsworth's career any harm, though; he's gone on to star in 8.

For us, it just felt so awesome right from the start." The first pictures of Cartwright's Tiffany & Co diamond ring, said to be worth up to $200,000, have been published in New Idea magazine and shown during an interview on the Seven Network's Today Tonight.

The pair had spoken about marriage before Hewitt proposed, but it was a shock for Cartwright on the night.

magazine: "I look back at it now and realise proposing to Bec was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.

It was just a stupid, young mistake and if I had my time over I would never ever have proposed."He also revealed that he was heartbroken when Hewitt apparently developed a friendship with now-husband Lleyton Hewitt during their engagement.

While some news outlets have billed the series as an “eyebrow-raising reality show”, it’s really just an ad for deli meats.• Ferrer ends Hewitt’s career at the Open • Think you know Lleyton Hewitt? • Aussie Gavrilova inspired by Lleyton Hewitt The series is part of an advertising campaign for smallgoods company Hans, purveyors of sausage, salami and cheese, and features a recently-retired Lleyton being whipped into shape by Bec.