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Who is bob whitfield dating now

When I tell you tonight's episode is jaw-dropping!!! Bob, perhaps to show that he finds the criticism funny, retweeted a viewer’s tweet that warned Sheree to be careful about Bob.

), automobiles, and other valuables because they were worthless to the court.Well all of that is good for Bob, but bad, bad news for Sheree!Sheree and Bob have long been at odds over finances – their contentious divorce was ruled by sleazy maneuvers and then a long drawn-out lawsuit fighting the prenup, followed by more time in court for unpaid child support. On January 12th the trustee filed papers deeming the case finished and all issues resolved, stating that after Bob sold the homes and other assets, and discharged some debt there was $171,500 remaining to divide among other outstanding creditors.Definitely Kandi and Porsha [Williams].” Am I the only one surprised that Sheree didn’t throw Phaedra Parks’s name out there?Sheree Whitfield cannot catch a break, which is why she’s BROKE!Bob teases that he and Sheree got romantic while Sheree acts a bit mortified.

In her interview, Sheree admits that Bob wants to be more than just friends.

co-stars when she showed up to the Jamaica trip with her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield.

As was shown on Sunday night’s episode, Sheree also had a surprising reconciliation with her former enemy, Ne Ne Leakes.

As I’m sure you’re well aware She By She Broke is always in debt to someone or dealing with some sort of financial shenanigan, yet she always perseveres and remains hopeful that she’ll land that enigmatic 7-figure divorce settlement from her ex Bob Whitfield. It turns out Bob filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in 2011, claiming while his assets were worth a total of $1.07 million he had over $600,000 in liabilities – including the former Real Housewives Of Atlanta star!

Bob told the courts that he was living off NFL disability checks from his many years as an Atlanta Falcon and earning only $3,455.00 per month. After attempting to do a reorganization and get on a payment plan to pay-off debts without sacrificing his assets, Bob’s financial mess became insurmountable and was converted to a Chapter 7, necessitating liquidating some assets.

Their amicable relationship was in stark contrast to how their relationship was several seasons ago.