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Online swinger dating or to use or install any version of the truth, virtual sex site what i feeling.The catch, of course, is that you have to lick your phone in order to do lick your phone — you can also use your fingers or a mouse, but it is called oral sex for a reason.Yep, that's a vibrator that talks to not only an Apple phone, but also an Apple Watch. The all-white sleeves are made from flexible, 3D-printed antibacterial plastic, and each features a unique texture -- say, twisted spirals, or stacked, triangular patterns--to create unique sensations once the sleeve has been flipped inside out.The maker refers to such tech as "teledildonics." The sex toy can be controlled by a partner over short ranges or even longer ones, via an app. The Tenga 3D masturbation tube won a Red Dot Award in product design in 2012, and it's easy to see why. Two women invented this wearable women's toy as an answer to male-oriented, vibrating rings.The future of oral sex may involve a hell of a lot of phone-germs.

The website Cam Soda has unleashed a new web app called the "O-Cast," which invites you to mimic the act of eating someone out, and then send it to a sex toy.

A personal pleasure device is pretty much as intimate as you can get, so it's no wonder that designers are mulling customization options, aided by 3D printing.

Cunicode, a design shop in Barcelona, is working on just that.

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