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Self liquidating project loans

Invoice discounting makes funds available against works executed and invoiced, prior to the customer being paid or to enable the customer to meet project deadlines.This saves our customers money by avoiding the operational costs that accrue from delays.

The amount and type of loan security required depends on the borrower and the type of project.Progress has also arranged numerous Lines of Credit secured by real estate to allow developers to be able to act quickly when the circumstance warrants immediate action.Progress has a wide range of financing sources for Credit Tenant Lease properties which include term and/or self-liquidating options.NDK provides loans to finance the payment of customs duties, and other clearing charges associated with transporting goods into or outside of Ghana.NDK also provides Pre-Shipment Finance to cater for funds required for the purchase of raw materials, components and parts to fulfill international sales orders.Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd can establish international current accounts in most of the world’s major currencies.

A form of borrowing normally used to help a business deal with unexpected costs.

There are occasions when a business has to transact in a different currency or range of currencies.

Making or receiving overseas payments via the business’s domestic current account is not ideal; foreign currency transactions can be complicated and expensive.

Estate builders, Developers, Investors etc, can obtain funds to ‘top-up’ their contributions in order to complete their projects.

Clients are required to clearly demonstrate the source of repayment, and if it is the project itself then the projects should be self-liquidating and should generate enough future proceeds to pay off the loan in no more than two years.

Although relatively quick and easy to set up, overdrafts are usually short term arrangements where there is no requirement to repay an amount each month.