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Gottehrer told us that she has serious concerns about the degree to which the intense security precautions impeded protesters’ constitutional right to freely assemble.“The debate itself was being held on private property, so that, in and of itself, provides limitations on the protection of First Amendment rights,” she noted.

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It seems like there was a purposeful tactic to deter people from finding the protest site.17 #Unlikely Debate Guests have been arrested for our right to hear from the candidates on our ballot in the #debates #Occupy The Debates Kch — Dr.Jill Stein (@Dr Jill Stein) September 27, 2016 "Where's the money?The views expressed in these articles are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Mint Press News editorial policy.Journalist Abby Martin told Mint Press News that many activists were forced to walk miles to reach the free speech zone.Secretary of Defense Ash Carter speaks to sailors on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson, Thursday, Sept.

29, 2016 at Naval Air Station, North Island in Coronado, Calif.

Such a move could further dampen relations with Manila’s longtime ally after the firebrand leader — who has also called for US special operations forces in the country’s south to leave — branded US President Barack Obama a “son of a whore” and extended overtures to China.

But senior defense officials later appeared philosophical about Duterte’s outbursts.

“It seems like there was a purposeful tactic to deter people from finding the protest site.” Many others had difficulty even making it that far, thanks to extensive police roadblocks and “an absurd level of security,” according to journalist Abby Martin, the host of “The Empire Files” on tele SUR English, who spoke with Mint Press News on Tuesday after covering Monday’s protests.

“Thousands of police set up roadblocks and cutaways through neighborhoods, forcing people to walk up to three miles simply to reach the ‘free speech zone.’ It took us over an hour to get there on foot.” “Part of the idea of free speech and redress of grievances is being able to speak to and at the people that you are trying to get a message across too,” said Susan Gottehrer, chapter director of the Nassau County New York Civil Liberties Union, and one of several observers from her organization at the protests, in an interview with Mint Press.

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