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Updating tom tom maps

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To delete the old map so that maybe enough space was freed for the new map to be installed (nevermind that it was supposed to be an update, oh well...) 2.Not to use the backup feature of the Tom Tom software (because, and I quote: "It sometimes misses important files like licensing information! The backup took its sweet time - USB 1.1 connection and 1.6 GB of data don't play together too nicely.

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You may be able to use LIVE Services when traveling abroad. Bear in mind that updates can be expensive – costing almost as much as you paid for the satnav in the first place - and it might be worth putting the money towards a new, better-featured satnav which will come with the latest maps.(Plus, new satnavs almost universally have a 90-day ‘latest map guarantee’ which means that if a new version is released within three months of purchasing, you are entitled to download it and update your device for free.) There are two main ways to update maps on a satnav.Credit card details entered, offer bought, next step would be to download the update... "The memory of your device is too small for the map you selected! You can upgrade the device's memory by inserting a bigger memory card.For details click here." Well, I immediately examined the device for a card slot. The link behind the "click here" also said as much.To install Tom Tom HOME on your computer, do the following: Before you start, make sure you have a backup of your device or memory card.

For more information, see Backing up your navigation device.

These new features empower users with the accuracy of Tom Tom’s most up-to-date maps, as well as real-time traffic information that helps them avoid traffic delays and other hassles on the road.

At no extra cost, customers will receive these updates for the useful life of the device.

See also: Satnav reviews Of course, it’s up to you how regularly you update your satnav’s maps and different manufacturers offer different options, ranging from subscriptions for regular updates to one-time upgrades.

You might want to buy additional maps – for example upgrading from UK & Ireland to full Western Europe – so you can use your satnav on holiday.

In my opinion Sat Nav is the greatest motoring innovation since the steering wheel.