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Iz models dating site

Elena’s Models caters to singles who are looking for something serious and are willing to cross borders for love.Primarily, the dating platform encourages Eastern European women to mingle with Western men, but any commitment-oriented dater is welcome to join and communicate for free.

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Men, I promise you this: You are attempting to date the most attractive 5 % of the population and Unfortunately 95 % of these 5 % are already in some sort of relationship and are not interested in starting a new one.A model has called for catfishing to be made illegal after his picture was stolen and used in more than 40 fake profiles.Matt Peacock was forced to hire a private detective to track down the men who had posed as him on dating websites to con women.‘Something needs to be done and if people knew pretending to be someone else online was an offence then they might be put off.’ Matt managed to track down one of the men who had stolen his profile, and although he was apologetic, he started doing it again three weeks later.After heading to the police, he was told there was no law against it. For a few days following, average traffic to the site went from 4,500 to 9,000 hits per day.

The site has now grown to include “tens of thousands” of members.

Times have changed from our parents’ and grandparents’ generation.

Most men today don’t just marry their high school sweetheart, and remain happily married forever.

You don't have to limit your choices to people who live in your city.

On Elenas Models, you can contact thousands of genuine women who are beautiful, intelligent and sensual. These couples have never given up on their dreams, and found the love they dreamed about!

The model, from Stockport, said the profiles have had a devastating impact on his family as well as the women targeted, many who fell in love with someone who was not real.