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Gong li dating history

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And now these two romantic omnivores have turned their appetites on each other, raising this question: What took Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez this damn long to find each other?

and one of the most well-known Asian actresses in the West. She later achieved fame for her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).HONG KONG – Top Chinese director Zhang Yimou and his former muse, star actress Gong Li have begun production on the aptly named drama “Return.” Although the two were romantically linked for many years and worked together on more than half a dozen film films including “Red Sorghum,” “The Story of Qiu Ju” and “Raise The Red Lantern,” they have not been professionally connected since 2006’s “Curse of the Golden Flower.” “Return” is Zhang’s first movie for Le Vision Pictures, the production offshoot of Chinese online video group Le TV, since he joined the company earlier this year as artistic director.The film, which deals with issues including the controversial Cultural Revolution period of Chinese history as well as dementia and self-image, is an adaptation of “The Criminal Lu Yanshi,” a novel by Yan Geling, author of the book that Zhang previously directed as “The Flowers of War” with Christian Bale in a starring role.While at this boarding school, she noticed how mean the other girls were to each other while competing for status amongst the teachers.Zhang disliked the attitudes of her peers and teachers so much that, on one occasion, she ran away from the school.The film, backed by ESA Cultural Investment, is now lensing with stars Fan Bingbing and Hong Kong’s Leon Lai.

ESA has said that Zhang may be credited as co-director, though Le Vision says Zhang is ‘lending a helping hand.” Sources within Le Vision say that Zhang is still pondering “Quasimodo,” a Hollywood musical adaptation of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” set up at Warner Bros.

He did made himself very much well known all through the leading roles in the television series I’m Sorry as well as in the serial I Love You, Cain and Abel, Phantom, Master’s Sun and Oh My Venus.

In one of his interviews he did admit the fact that he move into the modeling just for the reason that he wanted to pose along with the hip-hop artist Kim Sung-jae.

Gong admitted recently that she always "stays in a hotel" during the time she spends in Singapore."The big question is: Will Gong Li become Chinese Chinese again? Gong shot to fame in a series of films directed by Zhang Yimou in the 1990s, including Red Sorghum and Raise the Red Lantern.

She was heavily criticised, however, for ending Zhang's marriage with a subsequent affair.

, Farrell showed up to the post-premiere party at London's Sanderson Hotel hand-in-hand with Li.