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Its Flash performance is solid: you'll see some pixelation, but over Wi-Fi, it's acceptable for occasional viewing (3G/4G is a bit worse).Photon can access Hulu or online game sites like Kongregate.

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***i Cam Pro features improved video quality, improved bandwidth usage, and many other features. The i Cam Cloud service requires the purchase of a Cloud Storage auto-renewable subscription.Before you can estimate a job with a fair degree of accuracy, you must gain confidence in how to determine the expected labor hours and their related costs.There are basically two methods you can use to do this: using your personal work experience or relying on standard labor-units.The i Phone has never supported Flash, a technology once widely used to deliver games, video, and complex interactive experiences on the web.Thanks in part to the i Phone, Flash isn't a big part of the Internet anymore, so not supporting it isn't a huge drawback.i Cam allows you to remotely monitor multiple live video and audio webcam feeds from your i Phone, i Pod touch or i Pad over Wi Fi and EDGE/3G/4G/LTE.i Cam also includes support for i Cam Cloud, a service that automatically backs up i Cam Source motion events to the cloud as soon as they are recorded.

Event backups can then be easily viewed from i Cam or the web if the i Cam Source ever goes offline or the computer is stolen.

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Let's examine each of these methods in more detail. Using your personal experience is fine for smaller job, as long as you keep detailed records from previous jobs.