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Who was kelly monaco dating for 18 years

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While the actress has distanced herself from social media in recent months, during a Twitter Q&A with fans, she declared: “I love playing Sam.

viewers are in for major story developments in the days ahead involving Ja Sam.From the Jason and Sam love story since Billy Miller took over the pivotal role, to if Sam is truly on the receiving end of the Cassadine Curse, to the Liz (Rebecca Herbst) vs.Sam fan faction wars on social media, and why Kelly feels there are misperceptions about her personally, and where it stems from.Their lip-locking has viewers wondering what will we see next from them.In week six of the competition, the celebrities and their professional dance partners were asked to do a routine to a country song.She has been known also for the portrayal of Livvie Locke in the ABC soap opera Port Charles.

She was born in Philadelphia to parents Albert and Carmina Monaco and was enrolled in the Northampton Community College for her education.

With the lowest score of 51.5, Monaco, 36, and her partner, 26, knew their routine has to be amazing in order for them to be saved from Tuesday's elimination.

They performed a tango to a Carrie Underwood song and at the end of the routine, when Chmerkovskiy dipped Monaco, he leaned in for a kiss on the lips that lasted a few seconds.

Kelly has had a few celebrity relationships up to date and has never been married.

This pretty lady is not married and has no any child.

Is there another Ja Sam baby on the way, or is there something else going on?