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Adult speed chat request

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These important tips, specifically formulated for adult learners, can help make your journey to a degree a little bit smoother.No matter what degree program you are pursuing, as a college student you'll need to know how to retain a large amount of reading material.The National Center for Education Statistics reports that reading scores for adults dropped by 10 percent over a ten-year period, particularly among well-educated groups (NCES, 2007).Heading back to school as an adult learner or non-traditional student can be a challenge.Chances are, on top of your coursework, you’ll be balancing a busy schedule between home, work, family and other commitments.Investigators believe the 14-year-old was driving the Nissan.

The DA’s office has filed court papers asking the teens be charged as adults.

It’s an “exceptional” request to have a 14-year-old charged as an adult, Robinson admits.“I want to be very clear that when young people make grown-up choices to commit crimes, endanger countless law-abiding citizens and kill an individual, while running from the police, the DA’s Office will do everything in its power to hold those individuals accountable- not as children, but as adults,” Robinson said.

In the 19th Judicial Circuit in the past, defendants as young as 16 have been charged as adults in murder cases.

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