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Being a single dad and dating

I enjoy the artistic expression of actor/comedian Louis CK.

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Yet, I’ve also encouraged patience with them, especially with the man who seems resistant to introduce his kids, and I’ve cautioned not to use that, meeting his children, as some litmus test for commitment.If she doesn’t want the baby, she doesn’t have to keep it. Men cannot force women to have abortions, nor should they be able to. They cannot refuse to assume responsibility for the child.They will, in fact, be imprisoned, if they cannot pay the woman whatever sum the courts have determined is appropriate.You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to meet someone.It can be done during your child’s nap time, following their bedtime, or whenever it fits into your schedule. We are a team of single parents and formerly single parents that have gone through the dating scene.I have written journals for years, but this is my first time sharing any of my feelings publicly.

When it came down to deciding what would be my first post, I went with the first thing that came to mind: The challenges of dating as a single dad.

That is why we believe single parents should seek love online.

It’s convenient, inexpensive, and safe – three things important to single parents.

But the point I want to make about custody schedules is that if Louis and I were actually friends we'd only be able to hang out if our custody schedules aligned.

With friendship, not unlike dating as as single dad, you might as well be living on opposite ends of the country if the custody schedules don't line up.

For a dad who is doing the job right, being a father is a large part, and hopefully one of the largest, of who he is as a person.