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Trier and Thomas Vinterberg received the European film award for European Achievement in World Cinema.In 1996 von Trier conducted an unusual theatrical experiment in Copenhagen involving 53 actors, which he titled Psychomobile1: The World Clock.

To make money for his newly founded company,[22] von II, 1997), a pair of miniseries recorded in the Danish national hospital, the name "Riget" being a colloquial name for the hospital known as Rigshospitalet (lit. A projected third season of the series was derailed by the death in 1998 of Ernst-Hugo Järegård, who played Helmer, and that of Kirsten Rolffes, who played Drusse, in 2000, two of the major characters. In 'Melancholia' he grapples with melancholia itself. But even though his take-off is his own depression, the idea developed during a conversation and a letter exchange with actress Penélope Cruz who wanted to make a film with him. Then you don't have to mourn the things you lose,« he says and adds with a little laugh: »But on the whole, they are pretty unpleasant to one another. They all let each other down.« I perceive the sisters' relationship as very loving. And to get to that, you need to look beyond the polish.« »But the worst thing to happen was when they said at Nordisk Film: There are some beautiful images,« he laughs. For if I make a film that they like at Nordisk Film, I'll stop tomorrow! The approaching planet does provide some fundamental suspense, at least. But then again, I was going through a bad time during 'Antichrist',« he says. »Charlotte Gainsbourg said something that pleased me very much. »That was lovely, because I was worried that 'weird' was somehow lacking a bit.« »Well, I am afraid that it has turned out too 'nice'. The style is polished, but underneath the smooth surface, there's content.Trier and screenwriter Niels Vørse) in the midst of developing a new project, and a dark science fiction tale of a futuristic plague – the very film Trier and Vørsel are depicted making.Trier has occasionally referred to his films as falling into thematic and stylistic trilogies.A woman on the run from the mob is reluctantly accepted in a small Colorado town. As a search visits town, she finds out that their support has a price. A film director and a script writer (performed by Lars von Trier and Niels Vørsel themselves) write a screenplay, in which an epidemic spreads about the whole world. See full summary » The Kingdom is the most technologically advanced hospital in Denmark, a gleaming bastion of medical science.

A rash of uncanny occurrences, however, begins to weaken the staff's faith in ...

The second film in Lars von Trier's "Golden Heart" trilogy in which the heroines remain naïve despite their actions.

See more » This is a film that adheres to the ' Dogme 95' manifesto, so the usual goof rules do not necessarily apply.

On the edge of plastic Throughout most of the year when I interviewed the director, his mood gradually improved as the work progressed. But they have been two, and they become one.« The last film in the world Before the shooting started, Penélope Cruz cancelled because of other engagements and Kirsten Dunst got the lead instead. First and foremost she had taken photos of herself in that situation so I could see how she looked. And I hope people will find something beyond the polish, if they really look for it.

He sought inspiration at museums, listened to music and mentioned snippets of thoughts in bits and bobs, images and plot segments which I now find have reached the screen. »My analyst told me that melancholiacs will usually be more level-headed than ordinary people in a disastrous situation, partly because they can say: 'What did I tell you? »But also because they have nothing to lose.« And that was the germ of 'Melancholia'. Less than a year later, the script was written, the actors found and the crew in the process of shooting. I had a wonderfully unpolished feeling with 'Antichrist'. All the time, I meant it to be polished in some way.

This includes shots of the crew, microphones and other equipment, as well as continuity errors.