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I have never worked with someone so creatively independent and without ongoing demands.

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As women looking for women it can already be a daunting experience without having to worry about whether or not you’re speaking to Jane or Jim.With a great deal of efficiency and rigour Sezar worked with our team at Pink Lobster Dating to create several short films and adverts.These films were created and directed with meticulous precision and the finished products are professional and exactly what we desired.In 2017, he wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in a new feature film, Paint Dry, which will be shown in various film festivals.Sezar initially connected with me via Linked In and I remember being excited and interested by his profile in particular his varied relevant experience.Summer "Fancy a Femme" at SHE Soho will take place on Sunday, June 4th and will be another memorable event.

This is THE best opportunity to meet confident, gorgeous, like-minded femme lesbian and bisexual women just like you... Your Pink Lobster Dating & Pink Lobster Matchmaking hostesses will be there to guide you through the evening and put you at ease.

There’s no other event like this in the North West of England designed just for YOU.

Come along, meet like-minded women who you may not come into contact with every day.

London's Premier Lesbian Dating Event returns in June.

What an amazing opportunity to get to know a room full of fabulous femme singles all in one night!

Edgy cocktail bar at the heart of the Northern Quarter; Walrus is where the Pink Lobster magic happens.