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Today there are over 100,000 m Health applications for mobile communications across a range of uses—from creating educational text messages for pregnant women to tracking immunizations to combating counterfeit drug use.But using m Health to combat gender-based violence is relatively new, mostly because of the sensitivity of the issue.

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In the Sowetan, you'd expect such a story to be inside the paper - just as City Press did on Sunday. the story was already old by Monday and, still, the Sowetan went to town with it the next day. For one, it reminds us when it comes to sex, South Africans are not as conservative as we sometimes think.Mitcy is now in charge of all health departments which those includes the Veneral diseases, aids and many more.The educating on risk and prevention of the above by the health ministry is in good hands.Such as when Reginald Hoareau decided to make his video to not exceeding Francis Larue's promotion of the Seychelles Brand.Reginalds big debut ended up in the papers with full coverage, even facebook users took a big interest. A on Praslin in attendance of a moral renaissance meetings; she had to ask that social medias such as facebook is either banned or a law is imposed on it to prevent abuse on the Seychelles brand popularity all thanks to her son's achievements which she raised up to be a fine and respectful gentleman today.Larue the spotlight has caused the camera lens to widen and compliments along Francis Larues achievements for Seychelles along with it.

Mitcy Larue has not just made it as a successful parent, but as a true Communist loyalist.

paving the way for him to finally bang the pop star.

As you know, the extremely religious couple took a vow of celibacy ...

A couple of weeks back, heads rolled over the lackadaisical editing that saw Eric Miyeni's creepy rant against City Press editor Ferial Haffajee make it into print.

This week we've had the cop sex video story on Monday's front page that has quickly become such a talking point in South Africa.

promising to keep their hands off each other until they get married.