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If we equip our students with the right information we should see better results and spend less time trying to untangle the train wrecks that happen because people continue to make the wrong choices.

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Unless you have been living under a rock in this country, it is very obvious how highly sexualized our society has become.The Belfast High Court has granted leave for a judicial review to be heard into Northern Ireland's sex work laws.Under current legislation, it is illegal for buyers to pay for sex in Northern Ireland.They found when states did pass the legislation, students in that state were 7 per cent less likely to try to take their own lives.The largest decline in attempts was noted among student who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).In an unprecdented case, a sex worker has taken launched a legal challenge against the laws, saying they expose sex workers to greater danger as it means they are more likely to have to operate alone.

Laura Lee, a sex worker and Dublin-born law graduate, has brought the case.

Many people, teens as well as adults, have bought into this culture’s value system and the ideas the media feeds us regarding sex and relationships.

It is important to know that the myths and misinformation out there will lead to poor decisions that can have grave – life-threatening consequences.

Northern Ireland's Attorney General John Larkin has opposed the review and called for proceedings to be thrown out at the first stage.

Dates for the judicial review will be announced shortly.

Everywhere the eye can look from TV, magazines, Internet, and movies, to advertising, billboards and even texting on cell phones, we are living in sex saturated society.