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Game rules can be modified depending upon current instructional needs.

The first ever signature wakeboard was named the "Shapiro Pro Model" by Hyperlite in 1985 and from there Darin would go on to dominate the sport for nearly 20 years and become the winningest wakeboarder in the history of the sport.Mitchell at the University of Michigan in 1921, and the rules regarding advancement of the ball, scoring, position play, equipment, playing area, and violations have changed very little since their origin.The similarities between speedball and soccer, football, or basketball make learning the game effortless for most students and incorporating the game into the curriculum relatively painless.Darin Shapiro was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL.Growing up as a waterskier and a trick skier, Darin was instantly hooked on wakeboarding when it was first invented.Over the course of his career, Darin won six X-Games medals (the most of any wakeboarder) which included two gold medals and four silver.

Darin retired from wakeboarding in 2004 and moved to Hawaii to start a family.

Nobody likes sandbaggers, and everyone deserves a fair chance to compete.

That's why the top leagues in the country rely on the APPA system to ensure fair competition, while providing an easy, convenient way for their teams to register for events.

In the current college-level sport-activity classes, the author uses a combination of soccer, basketball, football, and team handball to teach speedball.

Because speedball is an invasion game which allows significant flexibility to the physical education teacher, it can serve as an introductory unit for any invasion game curriculum or a closing unit in which students can apply what they have learned in previous units.

Ten years later he would return to Florida with his two children, and after seeing his 5-year-old's fascination in wakeboarding, Darin decided to return to competition after a ten year absence.